Our investments are guided by a desire to add value: to our investors, to the businesses we invest in, to society, and to the environment.

Sector Focus

We invest across a range of sectors, while focusing primarily on manufacturing-, service- and retail-oriented businesses. These labour-intensive sectors are especially important in the African context as they create jobs where they’re needed most.

Spear Capital provides between USD 2 -- 10 million in growth capital to consumer-based businesses, meeting its mission and investment strategy objectives.


At Spear, we firmly believe that being a good investor today means generating strong financial returns in a sustainable manner that positively impacts both people and the environment in which we operate. That's why we approach investment with not only risk management in mind, but through an impact lens aligned with global sustainability goals. This is an area we are continuously working on, and we aim to develop a theory of change for projects and programmes where appropriate to provide clear direction on how a given intervention, or set of interventions, is expected to lead to specific environmental or social change. For more information on our approach, please see our Responsible Investment page.