Who we are

We're a private equity investor committed to ensuring that our investments not only yield results, but also help make the world a better place.

The Problem We Identified

Many companies in the SADC region battle to access the funding they need from domestic investors to grow their businesses sustainably. At the same time, many investors are curious about investing in Africa – drawn both by a sense of opportunity and duty – but are unsure where to start.

The Spear Capital Solution

With a reputation for excellence, Spear Capital provides high-growth SMEs in select SADC countries with the capital they need to expand and make a positive impact on the communities they operate in. At the same time, our on-the-ground experience ensures that we can provide the best possible pathway into the region for our investors. This experience also ensures that we provide these investors with value beyond simple financial returns.


There is very clear value in the SADC region, our portfolio companies, and the resources offered by our investment partners. At Spear, we aim to build on this value to create the best possible financial, economic, social and environmental returns. Using our extensive in-market experience, we’re in a strong position to ensure that conditions on the ground are better after we make an investment than when we first identified the opportunity.

To us, that means ensuring those raw opportunities have long-term viability and serve the growing communities around them by equipping the exceptional entrepreneurs we invest in with the skills they need to ride out challenges and fulfil their growth potential. This meeting of investment and skills capital ensures that we can deliver consistent returns for our investors.